Tuesday, February 2, 2010


hello everyone. yes! the blog of PISMP Mathematics 2010 of IPG Keningau Campus is officially published! Now, it is advisable to all of you, to know each of the pioneers of Saliliran. let the males start. and the females are left behind. hehehe. this is what i can describe physically. i can not give the details about who actually you are. so, do correct me if i'm wrong. these pictures are taken during sem1 of PPISMP programme. sorry for the inconvenience.

Frederic Justin. He was born on 14th Feb 1990 and comes from Tambunan. The class monitor for this semester. He is quite strict but sometimes funny. He has no any social network accounts because for him, all those things are just wasting time and could distract his attentions in his studies.. wah!

Ag Norsyam b Ag Kadir comes from Putatan Sabah. Sometimes, he could be a very hyper-active guy and in some other time he would be passive. A great history was made by him when he became the class monitor for two semesters during the Foundation programme. He is now one of the JPP members of the IPG Kampus Keningau and happy with his beloved ones in IP.

The only Negeri Sembilan citizen; Mohd Azrul Misran. i can not say anything about him, but the most imperative thing is he is generous, feels free to spend his classmates. one more thing is that, he is well-known as "sleepy Azrul" when his face often expresses somnolence.

Bryan Midir! --nothing to say about him---
He is the "Anak Merdeka", was born on 31st August 1990. That's Ronald James. He likes to smile and laugh a lots. But, others never know his 'bloody-wound' that lies inside him. so, don't judge any book by its cover because he is really unpredictable!

Asdar Siri! He comes from Tawau. Never speaks too much in the class. But, don't ever look down on him, because he is also as similar as Bryan. A "warak" guy, and we need to mind the words when communicate with him. Btw, he is also the JPP member oh IPG Keningau Campus.

A Johorian, Muhd Amiruddin b Abu, the tallest guy in our class. He is very spotting and one of the best buddies to talk with. But, never get cheated by him because he is totally changed when becoming the AJK Disiplin during any MPPB.

Mohammad Noorsharizam or e-Jam comes from Beaufort. He is the former-monitor for the last semester; the final semester of our Foundation programme. A playful and cheerful (maybe) guy. If we find someone to laugh with, he is the one who we are searching for. Let's laugh "hahahaha". (you can see in his picture~~ senyum +ketawa)


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